Saturday, May 19, 2007

Off Topic - Perfect Spot For Alerts

This post has NOTHING TO DO WITH PC Security.

That's why it is a perfect topic for this blog.

In 1996, a little girl, Amber Hagerman was outdoors riding her bike. Amber was from Arlington Texas, USA. Someone snatched her from her play in 1996, kidnapping her - and later, brutally murdered Amber.

In 1996, there was no Code Amber Alert system in effect in the USA. People saw Amber with an adult but didn't know that the person was her kidnapper - or that later on, Amber would be killed by this person. Had people known about a recent kidnapping, through a Code Amber Alert system, they would have known to call the law enforcement authorities and Amber might have been located before harm had been done.

I'm placing the Canadian and the American Code Amber Alert System real-time tickers on this blog because I think that everyone should be aware of them - not just people who might be browsing the internet about topics like 'child safety,' 'child kidnappings,' and 'preventing child abductions.'

Perhaps you'll be browsing the Net about home business information and home business start up info, PC Security and Antivirus programs - and will see an Alert in progress that pertains to your geographical area. Maybe you'll read a description from the ticker-message that tells what a kidnapper looks like. Maybe you'll run to the store to grab munchies before you settle in to install new PC Security software, knowing that once you start the job, you'd better not leave your house. Perhaps, while you're at the store you'll see the kidnapper and remember the description from the ticker-message you saw just a few minutes before you left your house.

Then - you can place a call to your local law enforcement people and maybe by that you will help a child!

Stranger - much stranger things have happened!

Anyhow - I am placing the tickers in the regular column on the left, so please, check them out once in a while.

*Note - if the message in the background is a Yellow/Amber colour, that means that an ALERT - a CODE AMBER ALERT - is currently in progress! That means that someone just kidnapped/abducted a child recently and that child has not yet been recovered. Please pay attention to an Amber Alert like this - at least long enough to find out if the Kidnapping/Abduction took place in your region.

If you see the tickers in a non-functioning state, please contact me so that I can find out why the tickers are down. Occasionally the Code Amber Organization site will be doing maintenance but I'd hate to have the tickers go down for any other reason than Code Amber doing updating.

Thanks in advance!