Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How To Contact Me Outside of Blogger

Some people visit my site who are NOT blogger members, so I hear about this through some other sites I have membership with. I don't have time to go re-visit each other site that I have membership with, so I often get 'old' messages, and this is a problem.

It's a problem for you - it's a problem for me, because I do try to communicate with people everyday.

I have a website I'm working on - to be up and functional later this week (Sept 15 is the date I set for myself), but until that is up and running properly, contact me through YUWIE!

I have my business group/club there, so I am logging in daily to check on that and if you find me there, I won't miss your message!

Even once my site is up, it would be a good idea for you to find me through YUWIE because YOU GET PAID as a member there! Yuwie pays for member interaction, posting on notice boards, blogging, and other things. Even once my site it up, I'll be at Yuwie a lot.

Anyhow - I'll be back on the 15th to post the new site address!

If there's someting in particular that you would like to see on this blog - or a product you'd like me to test out and review - contact me through Yuwie and we can discuss the idea!

Have a Great Day!!