Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Obvious SCAM email.

*Note - this is a plain and simple 'copy & paste' of the email I received. Meant to show you exactly what the format looks like - NOT - for you to respond to this Scammer's offer...

It's from a 'generic' address - alexnnnnnk @ This person probably sends out the same email using the addresses alexnnk @, alexnnnk @, alexnnnnk @, possibly even alexxxnk @ The number of 'n' or 'x' characters present in the email is probably how this scammer keeps track of his scam mails and may use any variations of name that windows will allow because it's a FREE service...Mr Alex Cole - likely not a real name - probably has this letter attached to at least 10 windowslive addresses just for spamming people.

Here's the email:

From Mr. Alex Cole.
553 East Trent Blvd., North London
London, UK.

Hello Dear Friend,

Good day to you, I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, My name is Mr. Alex Cole, I'm artist by profession, I'm a British Citizen and I base in London United Kingdom UK, I'm married with 3kids. I got your email address on the British Chamber of Commerce and I decided to contact you.

Actually I'm looking for a representative in UNITED STATES OF AMERIC USA,I'm searching for a reliable person in AMERICA to be my partner, I need someone who can be receiving payment on my behalf as my representative in AMERICA, I always find it very difficult to receive money/payment from my customers in AMERICA, because my customers are companies, and companies always like to pay with their company checks, and here in London United Kingdom UK, These Companies checks are not accepted here in London and they cannot be cashed here, So I'm finding it very difficult to collect my money/payments from my customers, so therefore I'm searching for a honest person who can be receiving funds/payment in AMERICA on my behalf.

This offer won't effect your present work, it has nothing to do with your present work, and you will be earning $2000.00 every Friday of the week,because I have many customers in AMERICA, At least you will earn $2000.00 per week as your salary, and for your information. You won't involve your money in this job, not even a dime, you won't spend any money from your pocket in this offer, and all the expenses will be from me. You don't have anything to loose.

If you are interested, all I need from you are the information's below
to enable us start immediately,

the information's are:

1. Your Complete Full Names.
2: Your House Address.
3: Your House Phone.
4: Your Age.
5: Your Profession.

If you would prefer I could get a p.o. box for my mail. Let me know! As soon as I receive the above details from you, I will have all my customers to send payments to you as my AMERICAN REPRESENTATIVE, you will be receiving cash on my behalf, Remember that you won't involve any of your money in this offer, I will take care of all the expenses ok, so you don't have anything to worry.Kindly email me immediately you receive this mail, I will be waiting for your soonest reply, Thanks for understanding and have a nice day.

Mr Alex Cole.


And you have a nice day, too, Mr. Alex Cole...likely people will start reporting Mr. Alex Cole from alexnnnnnk @ as a scammer and spammer, so Mr. Alex Cole will show up with this same email under a hotmail address, a yahoo ID or something else. Mr. Alex Cole will just make a new email account at more free services and keep emailing this garbage...

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