Friday, November 9, 2007

bid4prizes .com - Check This Out!

Bid 4 Prizes .com

Reverse, low-bid auction site.
Win the prize that has lowest bid/number at Bid 4 Prizes .com

This site is easy to navigate and has already paid out $342 186 in prizes to date!

Play arcade games for cash prizes, bid on prizes and check for discounts on top gear, games and miscellaneous items.

Recent winners have won such things as:

* Watches
* Hollister Co. Gift Card ($500 value!)
* Banana Republic Gift Card ($750 value!)

Bid on items like:

* Sony notepad (laptop)
* Holiday cash!
* Sony portable reader

Premium members can access bidding and play via mobile phone!

Play Bid 4 Prizes .com Arcade games, Arcade Matcher, Arcade Whacker, and Arcade Snake to win cash.

The Bid 4 Prizes .com Store has items such as:

* Backpacks, Shoulder Bags, Purses and Tote Bags
* Watches and Pendants
* Handheld games, Clocks and Keychains
* Cameras
* Poker sets and Dartboards
* Radios
* Tools
* Jackets

Check out the site:

Bid 4 Prizes .com

Get in on the prizes and deals!

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