Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Cannot See Your Ads!

I'm surfing in Traffic Exchanges as a pro-active way to grab visitors for my website and offers. I also promote this blog in a few exchanges - you may have ended up on this blog if you're a member of some of the same exchanges that I use.

Again - here is the problem:

I cannot see your ads!

The reason:

You are promoting a page only which happens to have a video or clunky audio load on it!

The Traffic Exchange I am using has a 20 second timer but your video/audio takes 40 seconds to load. I can't wait for it to load because I have to 'get surfing' and earn credits.

I'm really sorry but I missed your offer.

Here's a solution:

Promote a SPLASHPAGE which has a link on it - leading to your page with the video/audio.

If I have time and your splash page is attrative and gains my attention, I will visit your page with the video/audio on it and check out your offer.

Here's a Traffic Exchange that will allow you to make a Splash Page from within your member area. The program already gives you more than 5 professionally designed splash pages connected with referral links for the Traffic Exchange itself. Therefore, you can use the splash page generator on-site to create a splash page for one of your other programs.

The exchange is Click Voyager:

Here are 3 examples of Splash Pages that Click Voyager already has in each member's area for each member to use for promotion:

Click Voyager "Surfing League" Splashpage

Click Voyager "Think You Can Keep Up?"/Contest Splashpage

Click Voyager "Surfer Stopper" Splashpage

There are more free, ready made splash pages for you to use inside your Click Voyager account when you sign up for free. I just showed 3 of them so you can have a look and make sure that the pages load quickly (they do!) and are attractive.

If you want your pages to actually be seen, and you're using Traffic Exchanges and click programs with timers, it is a good idea to direct viewers to your pages via splashpages.

You may think "oh, well, if my page is not directly shown FIRST, I haven't got a chance!" but YOU ARE WRONG!

If a person visits your page after clicking PAST your splash page, they have already made the decision to SEE YOUR PAGE and learn more about your offer. Otherwise, no, they won't go past your splash page. In the latter case, you have had only as much 'luck' as in showing your bad-loading referral/promo page with the vid/audio components that people aren't really paying attention to anyway.

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