Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blogchex gone


One of the sites I advertised in my sidebar - Blogchex - it's gone now.

I had quite a few posts there and had accumulated quite a bit of funds, but...

Ah, well


I'm sort of speechless 'cos the site was THERE, online for a very long time, as far as money-making sites go.

Off I go to remove 'that link' from my other blogs and sites - and to do more searching about what happened to the site. I didn't receive any emails or anything, so for now, I'm assuming that the site just FAILED.

Bye bye earnings.


1 comment:

xitigirl said...

The site has popped back up, but guess what, it has deleted most of its users! Trying to log in yields "username invalid". What a sham!!!!